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GEC Solutions

Choose GEC Solutions services to make your online business a lot easier. Grow your business online without worrying about the paper work or backoffice processes. We’ve got you covered with our services, and these will make your business look professional and compelling among the masses. You will have more time to focus on the core business such as adding value through a better quality of products to sell or extending your range or geographic target audience.

Our expert panel offers various backoffice services on a global platform. We help B2C merchants to achieve a broader online presence by carefully handling their back end processing and backoffice processes.

Backoffice support

Our team offers excellent backoffice support for your e-commerce business. Right from managing the customer queries or emails to order processing, you can count on us. We have a well-trained customer support team to represent your company.

Fraud and risk management

Online trade can expose you to fraudsters and related risks.

Our experienced professionals use their knowledge and awareness to mitigate the risks for better fraud management. It makes your e-commerce transactions safer from internet fraudsters.

Our expertise

Our team uses the cutting edge technologies to deliver refined solutions to make a mark out of your brand in the online platform. By leveraging our expertise, you save a lot of time and stress spent on processes that can be outsourced to a third party like us.

Hear what our customers think

"GEC Solution has not only helped us carve out a niche in our e-commerce sector but also gifted us with meaningful relationships. Our business is now thriving and working with them made the process hassle-free."

"GEC Solutions are unrivalled in the services they offer, a first class approach that really sets them apart."

"Thanks to GEC Solutions our business is now thriving and we have been able to increase turnover and productivity."